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CubeCart Extension for Firefox


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Guest dijitul media



There's one issue with this at the moment it won't install due to a slight error in its making.

Firefox extensions require a "Secure" URL for updates, or no URL at all (I had trouble installing).

in the install.rdf file goto line 13 and you should have:


replace with:


And that should fix the install error for everyone, if that fails then remove the update URL Entirely, just ensure you keep checking back for updates!

Group idea by the way guys! and no, I do not know any other ecommerce solution that offers this :)

And please undo flairs "fix" unless your content with a higher risk of getting internet aids!

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Guest dijitul media

Noticed with Firefox version 3.6.1 that the config files do not save. (nor are the js files with your stores username & password encrypted).

So it's very easy to hardcode (and possibly hack) this to get it to work for your store.

This is a FULL GUIDE for the default download.

Basically, xpi files are just renamed zip files.

What you do is rename them to .zip (in our case CubeCart-Toolbar-latest.xpi > CubeCart-Toolbar-latest.zip )

Then open the install.rdf file and open with something like Notepad++

Replace Line 13 With:


Replace Line 18 With:


Save, and close.

goto the folder: defaults\preferences and open cubecart.js (with notepad++ again)

Line 1:

Replace the URL with your stores URL

Line 2: replace the '' with 'admin' or your store admin user.

Line 3: replace '' with 'yourpassword'

Line 4: only change if you want your interval to be less/more than 10minutes, if you'd like 5minutes change 10 to 5.

Save, and close.

Select ALL Files and Folders (content, default, locale, skin, chrome.manifest, install.rdf)

Right click and "Send to" > Compressed (zip) folder.

Then rename your whatever.zip to > CubeCart-Toolbar-latest.xpi

And install as normal.

Congrats you're up and running :)

-Adam @ Dijitul

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