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3.17 Changed Files only download?


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I have a ton of mods in my stores and it is really a huge help to have the changed files only download for CC upgrades (like there was for 3.16). Any chance of that happening for 3.17?

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One thing you can do is look at the Changelog that's included with all releases, which indicates not only which files have been changed, but also exactly what changes were made within the files.

It's possible to use the Changelog as a 'mod' which upgrades your store to the new version.

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Guest Syria Gift Shop

3.0.16->3.0.17 changed files only...

I got something called RemoteBuy. Which is cool - something I was meaning to add to my Web site anyway.


Heh... My bad. All's good.


Please what is the RemoteBuy? Where I can find it? I upgrade to 3.17 and all ok


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