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Hi, I just started gathering all info for puttig together my site. (product pictures, text, layout look, etc.) Do you think I should wait for version 4 before I have someone build my skin and add mods? Will there have to be new mods developed to replace the old version mods? Will version 4 be a easy upgrade from the latest one? A few months time would not be a big deal however, if there has to be a lot of bugs to be worked out and mods to be upgraded then I may want to get started now. What would you do?


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Personaly If your ready to go, I would get it done now.

If you expect to make money then start earning ASAP and if you feel the need for more functionality later then spend some of your profit from the V3 CC and convert to V4.

Just my opinion though, ultimately its down to you my friend :ninja:

Not sure why I used that smiley ??, I think its cos nobody seems to use that one.

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I totally agree with Burgensteen, why wait?

Even though CC4 has been beta tested, and should be of high quality, it will still be new software.

Get your CC3 store up and running and if you decide you want CC4, purchase the code, get it running and then move your license key across (assuming you purchase one)

If you wait around for CC4, you'll be losing money on lost sales.


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