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My site GONE LIVE!


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Wow, What an intro!!!! Personally not a fan of flash intros and normally hit the skip intro button myself. However, as this was missing from your intro I watched the whole thing and boy you shoudl be in advertising - that was better than any advert I have seen in a while. I really enjoyed it.

I would like to see you personalise the store with some of that - or even bring your description on to the store home page.

There are some good mods out there that can help and there is a fantastic tutorial just been released you can download on how to transform your store graphics and look.

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I would ditch the intro... it looks ok, but is got some problems.

1. it's grainy

2. it's too long as an intro

3. it's not centered

you want to get your customers to your site quick. They already know about your store or they wouldn't have gone to the domain... the intro would be good for advertising somewhere else, but not on the entrance of your store.

imagine going to a real store and before you can go in to buy something you have to stand out front and watch one of their commercials... then they let you in. You would probably just walk away and go next door.

Splash screens and intros were a big thing a while back, but the truth is customers leave too quick to hold them back for more than a few seconds. Unless it's an artist or design site splash screens and intros out an "out" thing now. I would bet out of 10 random general customers (ie, not friends or family) that come to your site with an intro in place, you might get 2 of them to actually come on in...

By then you have cut your business down by a large margin before they even see a product. There is only a % of visitors that are going to purchase once they get to the product anyway... you want the number of people that make it that far to be a larger number not a smaller one.

now... past the intro, I didn't even look around because it was just a stock skin. I would suggest editing at least the logo. try this one on for size... it should at least get you started:


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Thanks for your replies and advice.

I wan to add a skip button to it cuz I like it but I dont want to have you keep looking at it everytime you visit :(

Touchstone Thanks for the LOGO :) I think I'll keep that one :( I've been looking for a good logo but no luck but that one looks PIMPISH!

Now I gotta search the forums to learn how to replace the CC logo with that one.

Anyone reading this know how? If so please post. Thanks again.

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I named it exactly the same as the other one already on your site.

all you have to do is look at the path of the image currently on your store (right click > properties) then ftp the one I made for you into the same place over the old one.

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Well it's your store. You can do whatever makes you happy. :(

but as far as my .02 cents... well the quicker you can get them to a product to purchase the better... the less clicking the better... the less time at the front door the better.

but that's just me. I have a flash intro (so to speak) on my design studio site... BUT it's worked into my layout and shows on the front page with other content. maybe having a flash header at the top of your store would be better than making them wait to see product.

but like I said it's your baby... your site and store... you can do whatever you like. i'm just giving my opinion (what ever it's worth :()

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Last exam I studied for said that a customer has to be able to get where they want on your site in three clicks or you lose them. The Intro is a wasted click. (I know I have too many categories on mine!)

I notice that a very high percentage of people never get past my first page and are only on the site for three or four seconds. If I can lose them on the stores homepage how many will you lose who havent even arrived at the store. I would spend the time and energy I had in customising the skin of the store.

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I have to agree with hlsweb...that IS an awesome intro. However, I also agree with touchstone...it is grainy. (I didn;t eventice that it wasn;t centered)

But...and here's where my biggest gripe with the site is...

You have an AWESOME intro....you really hype up designer clothing...and then........pfflatt!

What am I presented with? A lack-lustre, out-of-the-box Cubecart ... logo graphic notwithstanding. What a let-down.

The site does not live up to the promise delivered by the intro.

A designer clothing site should have a designer website.

As luck would have it ... I seem to have a certain knack for "designer" styles. (I am, in fact, the author of the "fantastic tutorial just been released" that hlsweb referred to.)

My site is in my signature, check it out.

If you are interested, I could possibly help you with a design.

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Oh...couple other things...

You seem to be afflicted with the wishy-washy-thumbnails syndrome.

In images/makethumb.txt...line 13





Delete all your thumbs and allow CC to re-generate them. Your thumbnail quality will be much improved

Also, some of your product images are too big. They push the right hand column right off the edge of the page, and I'm in 1028 wide res. You might wanna think about makin' 'em a tad smaller. I recommend no wider than 250 pixels...300 max.


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Not the full-size images ... just the thumbs...that will be all the images in your images folder that are prefixed with "thumb_"

After that, whenever a page is called, GD will regenerate the thumbs and place them back in the images folder.

Course, you don;t have many products, so you could view them all yourself and force GD to generate the thumbs.

As for the graphics...I was thinking of something like this...(may not be to your taste, but let me know what you think)



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Twisted & Touchstone: I do like it it looks ILL I just dont like the colorfull pink wearing people in there if I could replace it with a hip hop kinda dress theme that would be a lot better but I appreciate what you guys done for me even the advice Hey Twisted how much to get it to my liking? like if I found some hip hop dressed people.

I like the black and the way the images (thumbs) are on the right bottom I assume they scoll left to right.

Hit me back soon on this post.



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You get me the images, and I can put em in there.

Standard package price is $29.95 non-exclsuive, $125 exclusive *which means you'd be the only to ever get that design.

No, the thumbs do not scroll, but I could javascript that in...that would be extra.

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I was just browsing around through this section of the forum and came across this thread.

I must say that it's a shame Big Pimpin did not take you up on your offer, Twisted. As you pointed out above, the site just falls flat after that intro. And what you came up with looks fabulous. And for only $30? Don't know why he didn't get back to you. One sale should cover that...

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I agree the intro has to go or at least have a "skip intro" link. My vote is to cancel it all together.

You need some text to say what the site is about I think. If I didn't recognize a few of the brands, I'd have no idea what you were selling. Neither would search engines - some ignore meta tags these days and you have no descriptive text. I'm planning to write an article on marketing and search engine optimization in the general forum soon (as soon as I have time to sit down and type out what I've been thinking at least lol).

Some of the thumbs are really grainy and dark too. Check the forums for information about increasing the size/quality of your thumbs.

The standard layout doesn't bother me that much - it can be changed as you grow really.


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Guest twisted

lol booker...look at the date of that post....6 weeks ago!

The prices have gone up since then....since I realised just how much time I was spending on doing these things. Pimpish was only the 3rd person for whom I had submitted a mock-up.

He'd be looking at min $55 now.


Mysty...I know a coupla people love to see that article on mrkting and seo. Let us know when ya git 'er done! (My redneck showing thru) :whistle:

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I didn't even check out the products because I didn't like waiting for the intro to finish....so I just closed the browser.

You should either get rid of the intro or add a skip button.

1 more point, not everyone has broadband yet, consider how long it will take them to download your intro if they are on a 56k modem, even with my 2meg line I was frustrated :whistle:

Personally I think Flash Media doesn't have a place inside of online stores as users want to quickly get in, find what they want and checkout.

P.S. please don't be upset with my comments, I am looking at it from a customers point of view as I have (up till recently) been working for a new media agency with big clients and from their research I would say stay away from flash....

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IMHO people only need to stay away from flash with gratuitous, pointless, time hogs like this intro.

And presumably they'd get this EVERY visit unless you check for a disabling cookie?

Bottom line - it didn't make me want to buy designer clothes.

I loved the initial grey flipping bit and IMHO that is ALL you need as the intro and then it wouldn't need a preloader.

That made me think that something special was about to happen.

But then it didn't !

Lots of dim flashy noise images - all hype - no fashion - no branding.

The store design is bog standard and even the logo is below par.

There should always be a SKIP button.

And as far as disabled accessibility stands ..... they wouldn't have a clue what was going on !!


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