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Cash n Carry Site Finally Finished

Guest Bonesddrummer

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I still think you should allow products to be browsed prior to having to register. We cant inspect the 'blood sweat n tears' without access!

As a customer If I had to register to view the products, only to discover I dont see anything I want to buy I'd be pretty frustrated.

I know it is possible to allow browsing of products but hiding of prices until wholesaler is logged in.... So is there a reason you dont want to offer this facility?

Featured brands, popular products and special offers down right hand side are just graphics and dont do anything - are they meant to link off to other pages or do something?

Other than that - as before - The site looks great.

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Guest Bonesddrummer

Cheers for looking

The boxes down the right hand side will have product links in once i've got my hands on the correct upload script. The log on thing is specified by the company owners, Once I can prove it's an issue they may change their minds.

thanks for taking the time out to look.

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Guest paulabakerparkin

You've done a nice job with the skin, well done. I would just sugget maybe making your box titles slightly smaller as they do take up alot of valuable space, and create custom image buttons to match the rest of the site.


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