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Using phpMyAdmin...someone please help!

Guest roxie sweetheart

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Guest roxie sweetheart

I've been trying to log into my shop and it wont log me in-

I've found something in the knowledgebase to try and resolve the problem (Can't login to admin and password reset doesn't work?)

I went to the site http://www.phpmyadmin.net to download this program...I've unzipped the files....

but I just dont understand how to use it....!! this is driving me mad!

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could reply or PM me a dummies guide on how to use the program so that I can try out the process listed in the knowledgebase.

Many thanks.

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I think you are talking about the MD5 hack. Here is the hack plus instructions. If you have a problem, PM me.

If you have managed to forget your admin password and for some reason you cannot get the "Reset Password" function to work please follow this process:

1. Access your database using a tool such as phpMyAdmin and browser the table CubeCart_admin_users. It should contain the list of administrator accounts to access the admin interface of your store.

2. We need to now create a file to show us what the md5 hash of the password you require should be.

Using notepad make a file with content:


echo md5("password");


3. Replace password with your desired password.

4. Save this file as md5.php and upload it to your webserver.

5. Execute this in your browser and copy the output.

6. Edit the admin user with phpMyAdmin and paste this output into their password field.

If done successfully then you should now be able to access the admin interface of your store.

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