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So What Does everyone think of ver 4.0 ?


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Guest hairfreax

It took me one day to fully set up and two days to make back the purchase price. Not a lot of e-commerce packages can boast that ROI. I am financially absolved, so any bugs or missing functionality I am more likely to gloss over as for me Cube 4 is now FREE.

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Guest shopbasics

well i tried cc 3 but then heard new v. was coming out. installed v 4 , but but it just has a lot of problems,was hoping for something solid not still in test mode. yes i know it's only 130 bucks but if i spend money on it i want it to work right from the begining ,and yes there's always small problems but lots of small and big problems here. wished they would have waited and just got it right and i would gladly pay more. i think there going to have a great product. but don't feel it was ready for general release to public because the average person looking for a cart does not know what to do when things go wrong. i know because i have learn from trial and error no exp. in coding or anything. but after a yr. have learned a lot. using zen cart right now but looking for something with complete package. will check cube cart out in a 30 days or so and see how it's coming along.

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Found another apostrophe issue... it also causes errors whenever you use the admin/homepage / site documents editor (what's it called? Something like FckEditor??) All apostrophes need to be removed from any text that one wishes to appear on a page.

It cannot be used in any part of any text! :w00t:

Learn HTML codes for ANY "special" characters, then put editor into SOURCE mode, enter or paste text.

While you're at it, try TABLEs, URL-links, <br />, et cetera.

I have found same approach to work on GoogleBase, eBay, and auctiva.com.

Wish I had known this two years earlier.

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Guest supernix

Well my 14 days trial with CC4 are almost over and just got to trying the catalog import feature and it does not work sad to say. With over 1k products to setup manual adding of the products just does not seem feasible. Well it is possible of course but way to much of a pain especially on a regular basis. And the whole thing about the missing SIM for Authorize.Net is not going over to well either.

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Guest LimeTradeSoftware


CC4 is great. It has a few updates that were lacking in CC3.

The features that stand out for larger sellers will be image subdirectories , discount coupons, and gift certificate sales.

Also the standard skins that come with CC4 are very usable.

It would be great to see a couple of things added like a 'free' version with a 30 item limit that can be upgraded to the commercial version after the customer becomes hooked.

And as a suggestion to the CC team, can I take a page out of the Microsoft 'How to steal everybodys customers' employee user guide:

You need an 'Import data' option after installation that takes current data out of existing database tables that were other stores.

It would be a great way to help people who are thinking about moving to CC but do not want to re-enter all the item data.




I forgot to mention the Database-Backup function in CC4 as well, great !!

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