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Fatal Error version 4.0.1


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Guest Brivtech

I have Zend host-installed, and it passes the test, yet it doesn't work for me, so I uploaded the ioncube loaders instead, and have no subsequent problems (Because I'm bypassing Zend).

Can't explain why this is. Probably some configuration or declaration that's been overlooked.

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This is something that should be clearly marked in the installation instructions :)

Even with 'Auto' selected, a significant number of people have found, myself included, that Binary needs to be selected for uploading the Zend/Ioncube files.

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Even though Zend passes the compat test as being installed - it may be an older version of the loader trying to read a newer version encrypted file that is causing the error ' cant read etc...'

Its like flash player 5 would be unable to read a flash 8 movie - you have flash player installed - it's just not new enough...

You could ask your host to install a newer zend or like Brent said - just use ioncube instead... I followed Brents instructions (see pinned post under installation) and went smoothly.

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