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Overseas zones by weight problem


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I have searched forum and cannot find a solution, apologies if I have missed the answer.

My international shipping zones 2 & 3 are not working. Only zone 1 is calculating correctly. So customers overseas, in zones 2 & 3 are charged local prices (zone 1 prices), converted into their currency.

Thanks for any help.

Here`s what I have;

Configuration Settings

Status: Enabled Disabled

Zone 1 Countries:AU

(List comma separated ISO codes) AU

Zone 1 Handling Fee: 0.00

Zone 1 Shiping 1st Class Rates:0.500:5.95.1:9.95,2:9.95,3:9.95

(Comma Separated)

Zone 1 Shiping 2nd Class Rates:

(Comma Separated)

Zone 2 Countries: NZ

Zone 2 Handling Fee:0.00

Zone 2 Shiping 1st Class Rates:0.500:12.00.1:24.00,2:24.00,3:24.00

(Comma Separated)

Zone 2 Shiping 2nd Class Rates:

(Comma Separated)

Zone 3 Countries: GBR,USA,CAN,CHN,EURO

Zone 3 Handling Fee: 0.00

Zone 3 Shiping 1st Class Rates: 0.500:18.00.1:36.00,2:36.00,3:36.00

(Comma Separated)

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Well for zone 3, you have incorrect country codes. All are 2 letters, for example US is USA, CN is Can, etc. So that would be why that one isn't working.

I don't see anything wrong off hand with the zone 2 ones.

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