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Problem with the very top text

Guest osprey

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Hi guys, I'm trying to find a solution for more than 10 days and after ive searched almost all the forum ,I fund nothing about it, so i realy need your help.

Ive changed the template of my page and added new images and greek language.The problem has nothing to do with the greeks though. I edit all the lang.inc file but I cant find where the world is the strings for the very top taps in top of SEARCH box (LATEST PRODUCTS,SHOPPING CART and CHECKOUT).The REGISTRATION and LOGIN string can be found very easy inside the lang.inc but I cant find the three others I mentioned above so i could change them in greeks.

Please help me. I use 3.0.15 ver.

Thank you. :)

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Guest osprey

THANK YOU burgensteen!!

You made my day (actually my night) lol

The tabs' texts for checkout,shopping cart and latest products are inside the skins/xxxx/styleTemplates/boxes/session.tpl , (where xxxx the actual name of skin style).

Are included between >< and not inside "" like the rest.

Thanks again for your help.

I owe you one (souvlaki or ouzo) .


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