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Cs-cart Experience

Guest supernix

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Guest supernix

Ok I just thought I would share my experiences just to let anyone and everyone that might find themselves checking out CS-Cart against CubeCart.

I ran out of my initial 14 day trial so I thought I would try CS-Cart.

Well they have many features that they list. And so I thought well great look at all those features.

Well I should have known something was not exactly right when I could not even get to register on their forums till I bought their cart. That should have been the first tip that I might not be that happy.

I have been considering only drop shippers for products so that I of course would not have any personal money invested in stock. So the ability to import a catalog is feature number one to me and the most important thing. Well that did not ever work out. They have the core features their for it but I never could get it working for me.

They did personally check the files so that was nice that they did give it personal attention.

But they only work pretty much bankers hours 9-6 as I recall Russian time no less.

Being on the East Coast that meant staying up till around 1am roughly to get to do some email exchanges over the issues I was having.

They do have a 30 day refund policy sad to say since it was not going right I had to use that option.

But as soon as they started the refund procedures they immediately banned me from the forums.

Not a good policy as I am surely less likely to use them again with such treatment.

I was also drawn into the idea that once you bought a license then you get free updates for life to the latest version. This was very attractive as well since it would mean always having the latest greatest CS-Cart.

Would I try CS-Cart again? Well I would have to say no after the way they up and banned me from the forums just for requesting a refund.

I should have already settled in for the long haul with CC4. While it did have problems when released they are working diligently on fixing everything they offer in a friendly manner and communicate well with their customers.

Another thing about the cart is that when you buy into a cart you buy into the community as well and it just seems to me that the mod makers and coders visit more frequently and seem to help out more. And their seems to be more content for Cube Cart as well most likely due to the fact they have a free version.

Well enough for this article hope it helps everyone whittle down their choice for a shopping cart.

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Guest Brivtech

I've come across quite a lot of different eCommerce systems, and forum support really does vary from package to package. I was dead set on another package just before I finally used CubeCart, even paid the subscription cost of that package, and decided to leave it and lose my investment because the suppot was entirely linked to a forum, and the developers usually only ever visited it once every few months, and it's not like there was much in the way of active members either.

That said, when I first started coming onto this forum almost 2 years ago, the help was sporadic, some questions answered excellently, some simply not addressed. This is always a problem with forums, and can be very frustrating when you're not getting an answer to something important (for you).

Things have come a long way since then, the forums are ever busier, but I wouldn't say perfect. At least there is a support ticket system and developer support available if you're completely stuck for it, even if that support is available for a small fee, reassurance there's a last resort option available.

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