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Flat Rate Shipping Based On Price

Guest deanf69

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Guest deanf69

Currently on my site I charge shipping and Handling on a Flat Rate based on the Price Range.


$1.00 to 19.99 is $5.99

$20.00 to $49.99 is $10.99

You get the idea..

Anyway, I just loaded CC4 and can not find a shipping option for this. Is there a module I can get or a modification I can do to get this option..???



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Guest russkarr

Please visit cubecarforums.org you'll find what you are after.

Since this is one of the most common methods for shipping & handleing charges, why is it not part of the base shipping configuration options?

It does not make sense that we have to apply a 3rd pary hack to do what most all other cart software does right out of the box.

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Guest estelle

For now it is only available as a 3rd party module, but CubeCart staff are constantly adding new features to CubeCart 4 so I'm sure they will add it at some stage.

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I was doing a search on trying to figure out how to do what the original poster was asking about back in 2007. Unless I'm missing something it looks like I still have to add a mod to my recently upgraded CC4.4.2 site in order to charge shipping by a price range? Does anyone know if there is some other way to accomplish this task without a mod? Thanks!

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