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You Have Entered Unsupported Characters For This Field. Current Availa


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Hi all. When I rebuilt my website using Firefox about 1 week ago, people were having problems with Paypal and always getting this message "Return to Merchant You have entered unsupported characters for this field. Current available language character types are: European, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Thai. Please try again."

Previously I built the website using IE6 and there was no problem at all. I know Encoding has to be Unicode (UTF-8).

With Firefox, my character encoding is Western ISO-8859-1. I have tried manually clicking on "View" at the top but it dont work when I refresh on Firefox.

Could someone help me out to which folder I have to make the changes? Thanks.

I am using Legend Skin (3.0.15) and I set my Paypal as Standard and not IPN for the moment.

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