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Coupon Fuzzy Math


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I don't know if there's something wrong with the math, but the numbers seem strange.

The admin interface seems to recommend entering the percentage amount of the coupon as a whole number. e.g. 10% = 10.00

However, if I have a cart with 2 products valued at a total of $24 that adds $216.00 for a total of $240.00

Fair enough I say, 10% must be 110.00. So applying that to the same $24 basket gets $2.18 deducted for a total of $21.82. Where does it get $2.18!

Unless I've sustained a great deal of brain damage (which I'm not ruling out) it should be deducting $2.40 from the total. And the error doesn't seem to be coming from taxes or shipping since that adds to the total and should therefore add to the discount not subtract from it.

Is my cart behaving out of the ordinary or are others experiencing this? What is the formula for percentage based discounts?

Setting solid dollar amounts (e.g. $5.00 off = 5.00) behaves correctly.

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Guest xceejayx

I have this exact same problem.

You should find that setting it at 111.00% fixes it.

Ive submitted a ticket about it to find out why this is happening though.

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