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Extra / In Url From Ssl


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I have CubeCart version 3.0.16 running in the root directory of a site, let's say http://www.x.com/

I added SSL, and have the following settings:

global.inc.php contains...

$glob['rootDir'] = '/home/x/public_html';

$glob['rootRel'] = '/';

$glob['storeURL'] = 'http://www.x.com/';

General Settings > Directories & Folders contains...

Root SECURE Public HTML Folder = "/"

Absolute SECURE URL = "http://www.x.com"

So everything is set up just like the instructions. But when the user goes from an SSL-protected page to a non-SSL page, an extra "/" gets added every time to the current URL. For example, the "View Basket" page is SSL secured. The "Homepage" link on that page points to


But clicking on it goes to


Notice the extra /. If the user goes back and forth, there can be multiple /s.

Anyone know why the extra / is getting added every time?

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