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3 Issues After Upgrading 4.0.3 To 4.1.orc


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The first item I noticed is the system wants to display an arrow image when looking at categories but it gets image not found display.. I noticed it is trying to get the image from

http://images/admin/arrow_up.gif (my guess some how it is inadvertantly putting the http:// in front of the img tag.

The Second Item.. I have gone in since the upgrad to add images to my categories. Sometimes after I hit edit the category completely disapears and I have to recreate the category.

The Third Item I have products in some categories and the menu says their are 0 products in the category but the product still shows up.


Thanks for any help.


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I am getting the error:

Fatal error: Unable to read 4214 bytes in /home/racingse/public_html/index_enc_zend.php on line 0

Now the store or the Admin area is not working. Any ideas?

Wow, that was close. Looks like Cute FTP didn't upload those files in Binary mode in the auto settings.

All is better now. :sourcerer:

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I just noticed while trying to edit categories - they were deleted instead of edit-> save

hopefully there will be a fix for this soon?

or if there is a fix - where?

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The cats aren't deleted, they are inserted within themselves which causes weird things to happen. It's an error in the HTML of the Cat Edit page.

Fixing the code is easy, but fixing the now broken cats is a bit tougher.

Here's the fix to keep more cats from being broken:

/admin/sources/categories/index.inc.php line 302:

$selected = (isset($results[0]['cat_id']) && $categoryArray[$i]['cat_id']==$results[0]['cat_id']) ? ' selected="selected"' : '';

Should be:

$selected = (isset($results[0]['cat_father_id']) && $categoryArray[$i]['cat_id']==$results[0]['cat_father_id']) ? ' selected="selected"' : '';

Also, line 300 should read:

if ($categoryArray[$i]['cat_desc'] != '##HIDDEN##' && $categoryArray[$i]['cat_id'] != $results[0]['cat_id']) {

The latter prevents a cat from being inserted into itself.

Martin has corrected this in the source tree and it will be correct in the next release.

To fix the broken cats, you'll probably have to edit them directly in PHPMyAdmin. Set the cat_father_id to 0 (zero) which will put them in the top level. Then, assuming you've fixed the above code, you can put them where they belong.

We're sorry this has happened. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.


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Guest locksmith232

sir william thank you for the info about the broken categories

any rough idea for the next release?

or patch/upgrade for the broken issues?

can I save my categories from 4.1.0 & revert back to 4.0.3?

I'm trying to decide if I should wait for a fix - if it will be soon

or go back to 4.0.3 to have a functioning store for my client

Thank you

<--- Claire


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Guest JewelryCollectibles

um, Sir William, dumb question. when you say set the cat_father_id to zero, in PHPMYADMIN, would that be in the type column where it says int(16) or in the default column because that already says 0.

i just don't know where i'm supposed to set cat_father_id to zero and i have categories disappearing from my client's cart everytime she or i go in to edit the category. i changed the index.inc.php like you directed.

any help would be appreciated. TIA

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Guest JewelryCollectibles

also in addition to my above post, where will i find all the missing categories so i can bring them back to life???

if you make a new category and move the items in the missing category to the new one, they don't show up in the count next to the category in the left menu.

totally stuck.

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To view the records in PHPMyAdmin, you must click the Browse link after you click the table. Then you can edit the individual records by clicking the little pencil on the left side. :D


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