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How To Add Skype Button?


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Hi All,

I'm trying to add a "Skype" link to the home page. Unfortunately I'm not having much luck despite following the online advice from Skype to the letter.

The problem seems to be that skype is a protocol, therefore the link will look like "skype:username?call". However, the Cubecart CMS precedes it with http://www.sitename.com thus rendering it useless.

Has anybody successfully added a Skype button and if so, how can I?

Any help much appreciated as I'm pulling my hair out here <_<


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I tried hard coding the link into the sidebar, but still no luck. Cubecart keeps adding the http://www.sitename.com to the front of the link.

Anybody know if I can code the link into the lang.inc.php file and reference it from there?

Or is there another way?

Beer offered (via Paypal) to anybody with a working solution.


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