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Upload Image V3 Image not valid


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I am still using V3 as my isp has not upgraded my server to allow V4 to run (still using php4)

Anyway problem is with uploading jpg files.

I can FTP files to my images/upload folder and assign them where I want, but if I try to upload using the browse/upload function in admin, I keep getting told "Error: Photo-xxxx.jpg is not a valid image type" when it is? gif upload okay. Not tried other file types yet. The odd jpg has worked, so it cant be a configuration problem, or can it?

I have tried several different jpg images and still get the same error. It will inform me if the file is too big, and the rest of my set up works fine.

Anyone know how to fix this?



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I'm not sure what code is checking to make sure the file that was uploaded is a correct format for JPG, but if CC is using the GD extension to PHP, maybe that version of GD cannot recognize progressive scan (as opposed to standard) JPGs? I have received images from my graphics artists a few times that were JPGs but using the CMYK color-space, not the RGB color-space.

Maybe you can use IrfanView (free) to examine the particulars of the problematic images.

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