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Combined Weight?

Guest Tobythedog

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Guest Tobythedog


I am stuck on how to add the combined weight of 2 or 4 items.

I sell plimsolls and at the moment my customers are paying £2.50 per pair.

What I need to do is combine the correct delivery price of lets say 3 plimsolls size 12 small.

Each pair weigh 0.31 kg, Royal mail first class £1.84 per pair.

Combined weight of 3 pairs would be 0.916kg, Royal mail first class £2.92 for 3 pairs

Big question can cubecart read the weigh and correct the postage so it gives my customer the correct postage instead of them been charged £2.50 per item.

Sorry if it sounds dumb but I am a newbie to this.


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