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4.2.0 to 4.2.1 Changes


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Guest Brivtech

Thanks Milos, always a very welcome file.

Ere, I just saw this....

-+ 133 'card_cvv' => $_POST['card_cvv'],

Am I correct in thinking that this is a new feature - Security code capture in manual credit card payment gateway?

If so, we better let Mysty know!

How does this get around the PCI recommendation of not storing the security code? or is it for use outside of that?

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Guest Brivtech

Product options - UNDER PRODUCTS! Never thought I'd see it! Wonderful, and made my Easter - Especially that I haven't received any easter eggs this year - First time ever! ;)

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Guest Brivtech


So long as you didn't eat the Easter Bunny, then it'll be able to lay eggs for next year! Jesus isn't around to turn chicks into bunnys any more, so don't spoil it for everyone! :)

Well, I'll just wish for snow instead. I didn't get any because I was in Mexico, so it would be nice to have snow for Easter Day.

I'll probably buy meself an easter egg immediately after Easter when Woolys sells them off for half price! ^_^

EDIT: We need an bunny Smiley!

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