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Buggy Naming Convention?

Guest Brandon!

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Guest Brandon!

I'm working on creating my first CC skin, and at this point I am just playing around trying to learn by trial and error to really get a feel of how everything is connected. I created my first skin and named it TAG v0.1. I quickly noticed that (although the skin is shown in the drop down menu) the skin wasn't going to load. I saw in the nice error message that it was trying to load skins/TAGv01/styleTemplates/... instead of skins/TAG v0.1/styleTemplates/.... I took out the spaces and punctuation and got a peculiar error:

# [] (skins/TAGv01/styleTemplates/boxes/categories.tpl) does not exist
What's very weird to me about this is that this was the only part of the skin that did not load (only looking at the front page). After pulling my hair out (re-uploading, reverting and every other "re" I could think of), I tried renaming it yet again. This time I chose TAG as the skin name. Doing that and changing nothing else made my skin show up. I thought that was odd, tried it again as TAGv01 and saw the error reappear. The skin worked with the following names: TAG, TAG01, TAGv, tagv01 and even 01vTAG. The only problem was when I used the mixed case and the numbers at the end (TAGv01). With all of the naming conventions, all of the templates worked EXCEPT "Categories".

I don't know if this should be considered a bug since I basically have no experience with this software, but I imagine so. If not, maybe someone can explain the reasoning for this to me.

And just to make this as documented as possible, the skin I was copying from was a stock KitaBlue.



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Guest Brivtech

Well, I can make 2 comments on this:

1. Skin names are case sensitive.

2. Use a hyphen (-) instead of a space.

Specifically to the scope of your problem, it does seem odd that the conbination of digits causing the bug occured.

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Guest Brandon!

Can anyone try and reproduce on their systems to make sure I'm not messing anything up?

My letter case was matched exactly, and I'll use hyphens in the future. Is there a specific naming convention (like a regular expression or something) that gives me the exact rule? I looked but couldn't find it in the source code.

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