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Customers getting confused


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Yesterday, we announced the availability of a new product, a physical book.

So far, we've gotten about 200 orders for it, which is nice. The problem I'm running into is that about a half dozen international customers have complained about the shipping rates (pulled from USPS and UPS), thinking that the default rate (Global Express Guaranteed) is the only one available.

In some cases, this results in nearly $100 of shipping for an $18 book. I'm starting to get requests to cancel orders.

Obviously, they are missing the fact that there is a drop down box to choose less expensive options.

The ideal solution would be to sort the rates so the least expensive one is the default, but I'm not sure how to do that. An alternate solution would be to display a notice at Step4 regarding the availability of choices and direct the customer to select their preferred shipping method.

If I had more time, I could probably figure something out, but as it is, I'm swamped with tasks in processing these orders.

Does anyone have a quick and easy solution here?

Thanks in advance!

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