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Meta tag import with product catalog import process

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I am wondering how to get the catalog import mechanism to recognize and allow population of my metatags available in the CSV database on the server, specifically these items. I have tried changing header titles to match titles in the MySQL database with no change for the import.

Custom SEO URL:

Browser Title:

Meta Description:

Meta Keywords:

This meta tag information is available in my database for each of the products. How do I get CC to import this information along with the other product info (catalog Prod #, Weight, etc) during the import process. When selecting column titles to import--- there is no “Meta†type categories available to assign the meta title, meta description, meta keywords import info. Is this done somewhere else in the store software?

Appreciate any help!

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I have a catalogue import related problem:

If I export my catalogue and make changes to the description the description formatting is lost.

Is there any way to add carriage returns so i can bulk import products and not have to reformat all the descriptions one at a time when imported - this kind of defeats the object of bulk upload if you have to hand modify everything!

Maybe there is a bulk description uploader which includes formatting?

Just to clarify, when I import a .csv there is no 'description' field formatting so i have to edit them all in CubeCart - is there a way around this?

Also, if i export a .csv with a comma in the description it splits the description (i guess this is expected with a .csv (with it being comma seperated ;-) ) but annoying all the same!).

Any help would be appreciated,



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