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Help Editing Skins in Cube Cart 4


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Ok I know I am not very smart with Computers but I feel really dumb! I have went through these forums looking to see how I can edit my Front Store page to not say YOUR STORE anymore. When I read the forums they are talking about going in and editing files in the skins folder. I cant for the life of my find my skins folder. I dont have cube cart 4 installed on my local computer. I had cube cart upgrade for me from version 3 to version 4. I have been all through my admin page to look for settings and also looked through my cpanel and I cannot find any Skins folder or anything like that. I could use a step by step approach to getting this resolved.


Marv Sobolesky


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"Your Store" is the default logo, you can change this in admin under store config - logo. You will need to create your own logo, the dimensions are given under the logo, once you create a new one you can upload it.

To see your skins folder you need an FTP program to access the files on your server. Before you alter anything there, make sure you back up.

There is very good information on modifying CC4 over at Cubecartforums.org Have a look through the documentation section.

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