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Complex web app or not ?


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Is Cubecart a complex web application or not ??

What is your definition and how do you back your argument. (the more technical the better)

I have to do a presentation on a complex web app and was thinking of using Cubecart but not sure if it is appropriate.

Any thoughts most welcome.



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Guest Brivtech

My suggestion would be that it is a complex application, in that it is a multi-faceted system in terms of both code structure and functionality, and that the component parts integrate with each other. Let's hope those years of studying software engineering at university (over 16 years ago now) paid off in my answer. :wacko:

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For some folks, "complex" may be as simple as providing a different display based on session data. As such, any cart would be defined as such.

A system using hundreds of separate PHP files, dozens of database tables, and interoperability with other apps (such as Authorize.net or an affiliate software), is more than qualified as a "complex" application.

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