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Guest driveshaft



This is the first Cubecart store i have made and it is getting the most visits out of all our online stores but it is doing the worst in sales. Please take a look and see if you can find any problems or reasons why people are not buying from it.

Our products are very specific to a persons needs so if they do find our shop it must be because they are there for something we sell.

Any advice and criticism would be appreciated.


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Guest Brivtech

I'd change the font.

Also, go into admin > Rebuild & Recount and rebuild category product count. It's a bit out and needs to be fixed.

There is also very little in the way of descriptions or additional information. If I was after anything, I would be unsure if what I was buying was correct for my vehicle or not.

The homepage could also do with a couple of concise paragraphs explaining who you are and what the website provides. The About Us page should elaborate further, but at the moment, that's very limited. I wouldn't actually order from you seeing your site, it looks unfinished, either that it's something you're playing with, or gives the impression that it's become out of date and you're about to go out of business soon.

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