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Guest icu5545

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Guest icu5545

The general update worked great(I upgraded). The only thing I had to do over was select my payment gateway again and put in my account number for it.

GREAT job Brooky :DB)

P.s. I'll do a fresh install on a server if you'd like me to test it out.

P.P.s. I think i answered your questions.

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Guest twisted

How many "Bob"'s do you currently have in stock?

I might be interested in purchasing all you have if we can work out a deal.



And you forgot the 't' in "but" in your welcome message.


Otherwise, looks good.

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Guest icu5545

Yes, sorry about those "bobs." I was toying around with the affiliate mod I am currently working on. As you can tell, it wrote it to the wrong table. :P

P.s. I am still working on the mod, and school starts tomorrow so... It will be here sometime. Sorry for the delay.

Current status:

Add Affiliates Admin page: 100%

Edit Affiliates Admin Page: 80%

Show Affiliates Admin page: 30%

Affiliate banner on site: 0%

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