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Problems with Abyss Web Server !

Guest xyncro©

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Guest xyncro©

Hej !

I have a problem with Abyss Web Server and would like to have some help to solve it.

I'm currently using abyss locally on my smal machine which has

Windows 2003 Server without any problems, and now i want to run it

locally on my bigger machine which has Windows XP Pro.

The problem is that when abyss starts i'm getting an error saying

'Listening problems - Use the console to configure a correct web port.'

and when i'm doing a configuration it gives me the same error again,

even if i'm trying to 'autodetect' a new web port.

I've noticed that when i'm online abyss runs smooth but when i'm offline

which i am most off the time it's not running at all.

I've configured abyss on server port 90 since i'm using TDS3 on 80

Does anyone know what the problem might be ??

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Well it could be better answered at http://www.aprelium.com/forum

On the other hand since I have not used this server, but by guessing the common behaviours of web servers, normally web server listen to port based on either IP address or CanonicalName, some examples are


Listen 80

ServerName localhost:80

UseCanonicalName Off

So check if it is not listening on some specific IP, it should listen to desired port on all incoming request.

Win2k & WinXp usually keep the last IP address designated to them by DHCP. So double check if this Abyss Web Server is listening to desired port on all incoming request.

Another suggestion try using port 8080 as this is another standard port for HTTP.

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