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I think I'm trying to create a new type of wheel,

I've set up some product options but on the store front I can't quite seem to get the display/options to show in the order I'd like, In CC version 3.0.15. What I'm trying to accomplish is to have the "Liner" display in the drop down box first in this case its always the #15 that shows, I'd like the Liner to display then the #5, then #15 ect ect.. the image below shows what I have, but heres the link to the page also;

Click Here

Also, on another note, what file do I need to access to change the "Price" of items being displayed, my defult products are $9.00 and I'd like to get that to display in bold (<strong>) and another color...

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In the file: /includes/content/viewProd.inc.php, at around line 154, look for

// build sql query for product options

The next line, at the end, orders the listing. Right now, it orders by Option Name (Container, Rootstock <- alphabetical), then by Value Name (#15, #5, Liner <- alphabetical). If you remove the ORDER BY etc, the listing will show in the order you entered the options.

So, if necessary, delete the options, then recreate them in the oder you want them to show (Liner, #5, #15).

You can also see if there's a Options Sequence Ordering mod at cubecartforums.org.

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