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My first Cube Cart Store with custom theme, what you think

Guest http://www.kccr.co.uk

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The biggest thing I noticed was poor grammer, so you might want to proofread better. Also the thumbnails on the homepage are rather blurry.

Quick example is your homepage text:

KCCR are is - refers to "The Company" and should be singular, not plural a UK company based in Birmingham, West Midlands , extra space before , specialising in PC hardware, Software and Consumer Electronics. So you sell products or IT service? This whole intro presents a mixed message and needs better clarity. Established in 2006 and with over 3 years experience in the field, you can be confident that you are dealing with a company you can rely on and trust.

These days technology is all around us, especially computers & laptops aren't laptops computers? you really don't need both here, in recent years becoming devices that most of us use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, no matter how advanced or powerful the hardware, things can still go wrong. This is where we, KC Computer Repairs, believe we can help. This is a better lead in paragraph - I would switch it with the one above. Also before you abbreviate something, especially sometime important like your company name, you should spell it out in full. The KCCR in the opening paragraph is meaningless since you hadn't spelled it out first.

Since setup in 2006I would say "Since opening in 2006," you open a business, setup a computer, KC Computer Repairs have has - this refers to "The Company" and should be singular, not plural built a steady reputation for a fast, friendly & reliable IT support company delete company and a. and should be as not for. I would also stress reliable first and make it "as a reliable, fast & friendly...". Originally specialising in the desktop hardware repair sector sector? a bit too geeky. Make it simple and just drop the word sector, we firmly believe that you will not find a better overall service elsewhere delete a. Also with our competitive prices we believe you won’t find a cheaper like for like quote on any repairs. very awkward sentence and which are you? competitive or cheap? Are you selling quality or price? The phrase "like for like" should just be "comparable" I think. Also it is not always good to plant the idea of being "cheap" in a customers mind - everyone has their idea of "cheap" and you are setting yourselves up to be nickle and dimed to death.

Please contact us if you do find a cheaper like for like quote and we will do our best to either match or beat it. change to comparable quote and see my notes above about using cheaper.

Our mission statement has always been to give an honest & efficient service delete an, & we believe that by always practicing this we have gained a positive reputation amongst our clients. also awkward - why not just state what your mission statement is?

Should you in the unlikely event not find what your looking for simply contact us and we’ll try our best to add the product to our inventory.

I know "British" is a bit different than "American", but all your text reads very awkwardly and I would say a good copywriter would help. It really reads to me as geeks trying to write text (no offense as I also consider myself a geek). You need to focus on a concise marketing message, especially for your homepage, and you lost my interest after the first paragraph. Remember most people browsing a website, especially for services, is going to be looking for what you do, how much you charge, and how to contact you. I'd put your contact information such as phone number up front with a call to action such as "Contact us today for a quote to fill your IT needs: phone"

Design wise, your site looks fine..nothing special, but serviceable for what you are selling. A lot of your product descriptions are rather wordy, so you might want to make them a bit more concise. Most people scan descriptions.

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While the advice and comments from Mysty are quite accurate, especially as proofreading, my comments will take a different approach, that of copywriting. My advice must deliver the unwanted "negative advice" because the situation cannot be addressed without recognizing some basic truths.

The ease of building an eCommerce store using CubeCart (and others) has resulted in thousands of web sites filled with meaningless "mission statement" blather. That's what we have here as well. There is little or nothing in the subject text (other than name, location and dates) that just about every other self-absorbed web site business says about itself. This kind of self-aggrandizing "sales" copy is meaningless, other than making clear that the person offering it really hasn't a clue about his customers.

Selling is NOT about the seller; it's about the buyer and the buyer's perception of his/her needs. If something that connects with the buyer's needs cannot be said, it would be better to say nothing at all.

The text copy under discussion is just the seller's promises and boasting. I mean, think about this. When were you ever impressed and convinced to buy by someone's web site statements such as those?

What text might work? Of course, it must be true, but I would want to see such statements, if true, as

We answer all email enquiries within 2 hours (or whatever you can support), seven days a week.

Orders placed before (name the time of day) will ship that day. After XXpm, will ship the next day.

We have the largest inventory of widgets in (name the area, town, country, etc.)

We will not be undersold. Show us an advertised price for the same item and we will meet or beat it.


How can I be constructive here?

There are resources, huge and generous resources, on writing effective copy. There are literally millions of web sites that "get it" and are worth emulating.

Start with a Google Search on the phrase "writing effective copy" (in quotes). Then do another search using "writing sales copy" (again, keep the quotes).

Or hire a professional copywriter. The Google results offer copywriters' paid ads along the right side of the search results as well as highlighted in yellow, at the top of the results. They need not be expensive, although, as with anything else, you get what you pay for.

I noticed that one of the highlighted ads offers a $98 "new client special." I have no idea of his quality but I give him points for doing exactly what copy should do, get my attention. He is speaking to one of my own perceived needs (save money), not boasting about "honest & efficient service" or anything else that is about him but means nothing to me.

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Guest eagleman

Let me say I like the layout, nice work!

If I lived in Great Britain, I'd be tempted to go shopping. However, I agree that it could be more effective, and the grammar is poor.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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Guest http://www.kccr.co.uk

Hi All,

Thanks for all your feedback it's appreciated gretaly. I've been changing the site for a while now adding new functions. Trying to improve the grammer :( lol

If you don;t mind could you all check it out again and send some more feedback please :)


Thanks All


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Guest aymenbnr

2 things to improve the layout


find Div.LatestProds

change the height to 164px

find .latest img

change the width to 75px

very nice layout,try to work on grammar....

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The copyright notices at the bottom of your page are out of alignment in FF,Opera,IE7,IE6,IE8 and Chrome

The right hand side column in Product Page completely disappears in IE6. Pls note if this is a custom theme, then the designer may not be supporting IE6 so my points are invalid if the theme was not meant for IE6 compatibility. We are unfortunate enough to still have IE6 even though this year we will not be supporting it. ;-)

Hope that helps.


Andrea :yeahhh:

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