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Hi All.

First, allow me to say that I'm not the most tech./computer savvy person, so please take that into consideration in replies of possible ^_^

Now, what has happened is that I have accidentally deleted the index.php file from /public_html/modules/gateway

Is there a way to restore it?

Is anyone able to tell me where I can download the file so I can upload it again?

I have had to close my website, as it will not allow any payment - and the payment module page in admin is all funny. It's just a list with all the payment gateway names, not their logos or anything - all on a white page!

Please please please help!

I'm at my witts end literally pulling my hair out!

All help is much, much, much appreciated!!!


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Actually, it's a very simple thing, with more than one fix. You need to restore the deleted file.

The least technologically challenging fix is to contact Support at your hosting supplier and tell them to restore the file from a back up. If they say they do not have a backup of your site or cannot / will not, start shopping for a host service that provides the level of professional service on which you can build your business. Hosting is not where you should be looking to save a few pennies a day - which is the difference between the all-too-common less than $10 a month service and the $20 per month of a full service professional. (end of lecture).

I'll have to assume that you have access to your server, otherwise, how could you have deleted a file? You probably have access either through an FTP application or via the File Manager of a web site Admin Control Panel (ACP) such as cPanel (note: not the store's ACP; the web site's).

Whatever gave you access to delete a file probably also has access through which you can upload a new copy of the deleted file.

Where to get that file?

Here in the CC web site you can download a free copy of CC3 - or a free trial of CC4. Either way, the download will contain the lost file. Just be sure that the version of CC is the exact same as as the one your site uses, for example, if your site is built with CC 3.017, a general rule is do not uplaod the same file from 3.018 unless you have confirmed they are exactly the same.

Hope this helps.

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