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dtree style expanding category menu

Guest familychoice

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Guest familychoice


I'd like to replace the current pop out left hand vertical DHTML menu in my Cubecart v4 template with a show/hide clickable version. I would probably use something like dtree http://destroydrop.com/javascripts/tree/

How do I implement this in the boxes\categories.tpl to enable it to update automatically when a new main or sub category is added?

The current code for this template is this:

<!-- BEGIN: categories -->

<div class="LeftBox">


<ul id="mainmenu-nav"> <!-- top nav list -->

			<!-- BEGIN: a -->

			<!-- BEGIN: ul_start -->

			<ul class="ul-nav">

				<!-- END: ul_start -->

				<!-- BEGIN: li_start -->

				<li class="li-nav">

				<!-- END: li_start -->

					<a href="index.php?_a=viewCat&amp;catId={DATA.cat_id}">{DATA.cat_name}</a>					

				<!-- BEGIN: li_end -->


				<!-- END: li_end -->

				<!-- BEGIN: ul_end -->



		<!-- END: ul_end -->

		<!-- END: a -->



<div style="clear: both;"></div>

<!-- END: categories -->


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Guest familychoice

You will need some php experience to acheive this, it's not an easy fix im afraid. There are mods though for this and a Google search for Expanding Categories will bring it up or look on the third party forum.

Thanks, yes I do have .php knowledge, but some help would be useful.

I don't want to buy yet another 3rd party mod.

Any help in this would be gratefully received.

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Guest familychoice

This is far too complex to go in to here so you will need to ask over at the third party mod forum.

I did. No-one replied, as here, except to move it from 'hacks and tweaks' to 'general support'.

I don't think I'll be buying Cubecart again, forum support is dreadful compared to open source alternatives.

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Guest familychoice

Errrrr........... Yes you have had replies. I know cos I replied !!!!!

But if you wont use this forum again you wont get to read this !! :huh:

Hi, thanks, I've copied below my reply to you in the other forum:

Thanks for the reply. I'm aware of the commercial mod, but I was hoping to use Cubecart as a regular solution for my clients smaller ecom sites. Therefore I want to keep costs down and avoid using too many commercial mods, and to be able to offer alternative menu solutions myself. I did try Cubecart support direct, but was firmly told they would not help.

I'm very disappointed, I was hoping to use Cubecart for a lot of new projects, but I'm a bit fed up with the number of additional mods I'm having to pay for and tack on to get it to work satisfactory. For example some of the basic admin features are very poorly built and almost unusable without third party modifications.

And then there's the bugs.

I had hoped to get a bit of help or feedback so I could learn how to make a few modifications myself which I could include in subsequent stores that we develop, but I've had absolutely nothing back at all. Cubecart has a lot of competition, a lot of it is open source, and this experience has really put me off. I don't want to pay someone else to do this, or to buy a stack of licenses for every site we build, I'd just like a few pointers on how to modify the existing DHTML menu.

Oh well, at least I gave it a go.

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