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2 quick questions

Guest hammerhead

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Guest hammerhead


I'm brand new to CC and need a couple of quick questions answered.

I'm building a store for a customer who wants images next to the product categories. Possible?

Also, when clicking a category, they want all the products in that category listed on one page with full details and ordering buttons (quantity boxes, too). Can this be done?


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Guest hammerhead

Thank you, Adam.

I've followed the link and understand how skins work. Carts seem to follow a basic pattern. I can probably mod the categories list the way I need, but still wonder about the quantity box.

I really don't have the time sifting through the code to learn how product info is displayed and how the "buy" button works. Does anyone know if this is possible? If it is, can someone point me in the right direction?

Please and thank you.

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There is a hidden input on the cat page find

<input type="hidden" value="1" name="quan"/>

and change hidden to text and you should now see a qty input box.... You will also need to add text etc to should you customers what the input is for.


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