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Guest Brett Mc

Cube Cart vs Zen Cart

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Guest Brett Mc

Hello. Was needing some advice, and I am new here to the Cube Cart forums.

I have used Zen Cart on 2 ecommerce sites and am looking to make the switch to Cube Cart. I was hoping for some information pertaining to my needs of an upcoming project.

I am building a store for a printing company. I know this can be achieved, but there are some functions that I was looking for that Zen Cart can seem to facilitate, and am not sure how Cube Cart would do. These are the things I am hoping to achieve:

1. I would need the customer to be able to upload their files after choosing their printed product. The files placed in a specific folder on the server.

2. I need an "Auto Flighting", in printing terms this means the customer uploads their file and it checks to see if all the specs are correct. With that also offer the Adobe Job Ready Feature.

3. Need live chat.

4. Can we use Fed Ex as our shipping company?

5. In the back end is is easy to look up customers quickly (search option) to see their order history (to sort, date, etc)

6. After a job is placed, I would need a XML file automatically created and then put into a hot folder on a different server than the Cube Cart site is hosted on. It would need to have the info like, name, address, order type, size, stock, etc. I would need to be able to customized those XML fields (in .php I am assuming) to match the receiving system.

7. I am sure this is available, but to make sure, we need a "Topics" section on the front page for articles and announcements.

I can never seem to get a good answer on these things from anyone involved with Zen Cart, that is why I have come over to Cube Cart, well that is if my needs can be facilitated.

Here is a good example of a site that I would like to use a guideline for my site, CLICK HERE.

And insight would be a great help. Thank you for your time.

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