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Tell a friend - not working for some senders

Guest holney

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Hi All

My 'tell a friend' emails do not get through if the sender enters a gmail or hotmail address. They appear to go through on the site but I don't receive them. If I enter an email address attached to my domain name, they work fine,


Sender: [email protected] - DOESN'T WORK

Sender: [email protected] - DOES WORK

My site is here:


You'll see I've modified the tell a friend template ever so slightly to automatically populate the recipient name and email.

Hosting is GoDaddy if that is relevant.

Any advice much appreciated.


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Try this small hack:

File includes/content/tellafriend.inc.php


$mail->headers[] = 'Reply-To: '.$_POST['senderEmail'];

$mail->headers[] = 'Return-Path: ' . $config['masterEmail'];


$mail->send(array($_POST['recipEmail']), $config['mailMethod']);

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Guest holney


Many thanks for your reply. I tried this but unfortunately, emails from gmail and hotmail still aren't getting through.

Any other thoughts?

Many thanks :-)

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