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Unknown Toolbar Item "Blockquote"


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I have done the upgrade today to V4.3.0 all went okay except the original

Admin Offline Setting message has gone (its blank) and I get 2 errors

"Unknown Toolbar Item "Blockquote" and also "CreateDiv" and cant enter any

text into text area?

Has the upgrade got a corrupted file? If so anyone know which file as I dont want to upload all the file again. Cheers Peter

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Nobody picked this up with a solution, so having solved it the answer is as follows. (In case anyone else gets the same issue)

The upload of the FCKeditor is nested deep within admin folder and my FTP did crash at some point but I MISSED THE MISSING FILES!

admin/includes/rte/editor is the path to all the files that did not get upgraded. This caused the error messages and the inability to edit the site offline message. It may have stopped other editable sections working, but I did not do a full check of the admin area; but I guess it would have done.

Hope this helps?

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