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Not a Upgrade but a wipe off then a new install

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I want to upgrade to version 3.0.18 from the current version I have but I no longer can access my account off the main cubecart page.

What I want to do is complete a new install not just upgrade but I cant access my license and copywrite removal key. How do I find them?

What problems am I going to run into?

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Guest nevereasy

I've managed to find my key from the cubeCart web site (2 and half years old!) and I have found that I put it into the field in the admin home page .. but I'm told it has already been used. I could have told it that!

Please, I have simply rebuilt my site. How can I reuse the same number?

(Not fair if I have to buy a new one, it wasn't my fault I couldn't get the older version of the site working!)

thanks heaps,


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Guest nevereasy

thanks for the suggestion Ausy, but I can't seem to log in, even with the new password I was sent today. It seems I have to pay for support.

is there anything else i can do? Surely this is not unique problem?

I have found a reset button that just might work, thanks Ausy.

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