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Love some feedback, Only had cube for a few days?

Guest miboutique urban wear

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Guest miboutique urban wear

Hey, I was searching for ages to get a program that i could play around with, then i stumbled across cube cart, had a bit of a play and this is what i've come up with

Mi Boutique Urban Wear V 1.0

Please let me know what you think....and buy something if u like :(

I'll be looking at cube cart 4 as soon as we make some more sales!! and thoughts on the benefits would be great


Asaone @ mi-boutique

p.s this is currently on a free host!, but will be upgraded in the next day or two!! so excuse any adverts etc

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Guest Brivtech

I would get rid of the popup that my web browser is trying to block all the time as well as the free screensavers advert - I get the impression that continuing past that homepage will either give me a trojan, or lead me to something I don't want to get involved in.

The shop looks great, I'd work a little more on the text in the categories box, but I'd say it's not bad at all.

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Guest miboutique urban wear

(p.s this is currently on a free host!, but will be upgraded in the next day or two!! so excuse any adverts etc)

I'll say once again Its only on a test server, although it is live i was just asking for opinions on graphics and layout / style before i upgraded it to my server also in this day and age a pop up blocker is a great tool to have on your browse :( ..

Brivtech - Thanks im looking to use roll over images in place of the Text so solve the blandness of the box

Ausy - Thanks i'll take that into mind - its hard seeing im using a hi-def moniter so it looks really krisp on my end haha

..thanks anyway guys

p.s upgrading to add free server will be delayed even further due to im going to use cubecart 4 now, so upgrading templates etc!

so i'll say this again for any further people wanting to have a word :)

please excuse any "out of place" adverts / pop ups as this site is on a free host!

*my advice is use a pop up blocker / ad blocker available very easily from firefox tools menu.

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