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Paypal Express conflict


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I had an issue with a customer where they were having a problem logging into their account. They kept trying but were receiving the error that they needed to wait X minutes to try again, only this message never changed. But, long story short, they had created an account at my site and so were logged in when they placed their order. Then, they decided at checkout to use Paypal Express.

So when they did this, Paypal Express then created the temporary login for them as it normally does. However it seems that because they were already logged in, this temporary login that the order was assigned to would never let them log in. Even when I tried changing the password for them we couldn't ever get it to work. I ended up having to reassign that order to their original login account they started with in order for them to be able to see it in their account.

So is it possible to have the Paypal Express/GoogleCheckout NOT show up when the customer is logged in? I also noticed that it is still there on step 2. I don't think it should be there especially if it is going to create this conflict with being able to log in.

I have added some wording to let the customer know to NOT use those if they are logged into the site, but you know, customers being as they are and not reading, it is bound to happen again.

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Seems to me like their browser was just holding that cookie. Express Checkout MUST be offered before any other steps of checkout, per PayPal's TOS. It's dumb, but it should work most of the time. What PayPal does is force an account under the email address they use for PayPal, therefore creating a new one.

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