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3.0.18 - How to disable products?

Guest lolichka

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Guest lolichka


I hope you are well. I have searched hi-and-low and even google for some mods with search phrase "disable products cc3" etc and have unfortunately not found anything. Should I be entering some other search strings?

In the interim, from the community, is there anyone that has already developed a mod for V 3.0.18 that disables products?

I have a bunch of products of which I would like to disable but NOT delete. These are for seasonal items.

Any help or pointer in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.



Just wanted to mention that in the admin area whilst I have the stock level set to '0' and 'Stock Settings' set as showing stock level = yes, allow out of stock purchases = No. I can still see the product, just not the 'buy now' button. I would like for the product to be completely disabled from the cart. Thanks

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