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what happened to the integration with paypal


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I dont quite understand something here

it seems there is a large number of people having and out of the box issue with using the paypal standard gateway config and cubecart latest version.

hows this passable?

especially when there are no MODs or edits done to any of the out of the box code?

I used CubeCart quite a number of versions ago

and paypal worked like water with it

flowed nicely

even when adding a mod for digital downloads.

Now all of a sudden its a burden and no one has a legitimate fix for this?

why bother releasing this version or keeping it avail for download when the problem exists on such a grand scale?

Cars get recalled and they cost thousands

why not a free version of a program?

does anyone know which previous version of CubeCart works well enough with PayPal standard because ill go back to using that one right now

PS... i too am having the problem with using PayPal gateway

i have NO mods

no edits


straight install of the program on a fully computable server

both PAYPAL IPN dont work and STANDARD

i get the error ( no payment gateway installed ) or something like that

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that topic is talking about CubeCart 3.0.19 but im using CubeCart 3.0.18

but after reading it acouple times

are you saying i should start using CubeCart v4 ??

also version 4 isnt a free script

so what do i do then?

Im using it on a client website who is going to be selling items for the american cancer society of which she is a local commity chair person

100% of the money made from the website is going to be used for donations to the charity

they are working on a ZERO budget as all others do

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not sure why i thought it was different but

i just checked my installation

and i am already using 3.19

and its not working with paypal standard

why is this?

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