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GST (Australian stores)


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First time posting over on the official side. I posted this question on the .org site but didn't really get anywhere.

I am hoping some other Australian businesses/cubecarters can chime in...

What are you all doing about GST? How do you get CC to show the price on the product pages as GST included and display it as a seperate line ('GST included') at checkout?

Also, how does it work for your overseas customers/viewers?? As GST is not charged for them, is that right?

Lastly, how would any sort of mod work with coupon mods, and any other mods that affect pricing?


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Guest CybaGirl

Here you go I added the same reply to your original post over at http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?sh...amp;#entry42541

Sorry been really busy these past few days and no time to play around with CubeCart and especially my store :).

Ok just had a quick look at this feature and it looks like the thing to do is this.


Go into admin panel - Store Config - Taxes

Enable Flexible Tax Rates

Under Tax Classes add GST

Under Tax Details add the following:

Name: GST

Display As: GST


Status: Enable

Then click the Add button.

Tax Rates/Zones

Next click on Show/Edit Tax Rates button


Now for the fun part! On this page at the top select Tax Exempt and from here on in you will have to go through each country you sell your products to and add them to the list that gets created at the bottom.

But first setup the following:

Tax should be GST

Rate: (%): this should be set to 10% (as that is what we charge in Australia)

Apply To: S&H (This is how we get the GST on the postage, but no GST is charged on the goods)

Active: Place tick in active box

Click the Add button and you are done for that country.

Once that is done the country will now be added to the list and from here on in. You will have to go through and add the additional countries that you intend on selling to.

I think you will find thats all there is to selling to other countries without charging the GST :(.

If you have any questions just let me know.

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