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Changing the auto generated order number


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I have 2 cubecart sites, both paying into the same SecPay account.

To make life easier, is it possible to change the way the automated order number is generated.

If I could prefix it with something, I could tell at a glance which shop the payment came from.

I could also create an email filter and ensure the email gets directed to the correct department

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The order number is:

YYMMDD-HHMMSS-RAND and is generated in the file, at around line 64: \includes\content\gateway.inc.php

The string means nothing except as something to specify in a WHERE clause, but list results *may* be sorted by this string in a couple of places.

You might try:

$cart_order_id = "prefix-".date("ymd-His-").rand(1000,9999);

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Thanks for the answer, I actually found this earlier this afternoon, whilst trawling the forums.

So I've created a prefix, and dropped the last 4 digit random number (waste of time having that)

All my orders are now showing Prefix-date-time as the order number.

I have my email filter in place, and all orders showing the prefix are being sent to the relevent people.

This has solved my problem exactly as I wanted it, but created another. Orders cannot be deleted from the admin control panel.

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I found my own answers, however, someone else might want to do this so here goes.

To add a prefix to order numbers and or to remove the last 4 digit random numbers:

Applies to CC V3. It might come in handy if like me, you want to differentiate between multiple cubecart orders from 2 different sites, and using the same payment gateway.

Edit \includes\content\gateway.inc.php

Find the line $cart_order_id = date("ymd-His-").rand(1000,9999);

Change to $cart_order_id = "prefix-". date("ymd-His");

Prefix is your prefix and .rand(1000,9999) is the waste of time random number on the end of each order.

Your order number will now look similar to ABC-090921-123456.

To fix the delete order problem edit admin/orders/index.php

Change the line

// delete document

if(isset($_GET['delete']) && $_GET['delete']>0){


// delete document

if(isset($_GET['delete']) && $_GET['delete']>""){

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I believe the standard test is:

if(isset($_GET['delete']) && !empty($_GET['delete'])){ but I could be wrong.

And "ABC..." > 0?

When comparing strings to numbers, PHP first converts a string to an integer. My question is: is the result of this conversion 90921 (stripping everything not a number until a number, then dropping every thing from the first non-number after that), or simply 0 (if it doesn't start with a number, plus, or minus)?

Certainly, if(isset($_GET['delete']) && $_GET['delete']>'0'){ // note the zero within apostrophe's

should also work.

But be aware that this comparison will probably exist in many other places. I recommend modifying your approach to this solution as opposed to modifying every instance of CC code as you stumble across it.

$cart_order_id = date("ymd-His-").$uniqueSuffix;

I'm sure your email filter can switch/case on the 14th character+, or just "if it's here somewhere".

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Now that I am getting sales I noticed that the email CC sends to me is using its generated number which is fine.

But I wished in there somewhere if showed my product number so I would know quickly what item sold and not have to go digging for it.

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In /includes/content/gateway.inc.php, at around line 267, $prodtext is added to the email sent to the admin. $prodtext is assembled at around line 107-122. It includes productName, productCode, and quantity of each.

Can you reply with an abridged version of the email you get from the store?

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