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Whats the final word on "No administration session found"


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I have about 8 Cubecart installs on different domains, one is now giving me this problem. I cant login to admin. Ive done all the normal tricks, clearing cache and cookies etc but cant get it working. Ive been in contact with the server guys and theyve had a good look at it, they say its got to be an application problem, theyve checked several things including the secure cookies in php.ini mentioned on this forum.

Ive reset the password etc all to no avail.

Im running CC4 and after this problem appeared I thought perhaps updating may fix it, so yesterday I upgraded to the latest version, but that didnt work either.

This is frustrating to me and a lot of other CC users by the number of threads on this topic. Ill gladly pay for any fix available, If I purchase some support from Devillion will they be able to fix this? Where else can I look???

Hmm should maybe move this to "General"?

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Well I reinstalled to a different location and the problem went away.

Have you checked to see what the differences are between the two environments - if they are now the same versions, you could take copies of both environments down onto your local PC into different directories and then use a tool like diffmerge to see any any differences that exist. This might help to work out what is causing these issues.


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