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Product options doubled


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Hello there

I need some help here , suddenly my product options box has doubled the product options , in the product section only 1 set of the options is there but the shop displays it twice in the drop down box check it out here http://www.rbckits.com/shop/index.php?_a=v...mp;productId=10 here it is even tripled i really would like to solve this issue

thanks in advance

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Hello Robsta

no double clicking just adding them in the menu with the product as a option and it really comes double , but it is not double in the ad product menu , and i can delet them cause in the menu the options are showing just as normal deleting them works ok no doubles then , i have not tried yet , but i am afraid after deleting and then put them in again it will be tripled , yes i click all buttons saving etc so i did not had this problem before until i started with assigning the options from 1 model to another




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Guest Roger Huston


I had this problem a while ago, so we stopped using the interface. Basically we had to start over with them and make sure you clear them out of each record. It is very easy to mess them up.

Also may I recommend Quick Edit Product Options v. 1.5 by Estelle. It works really well and will help you clear things out. I use the mod, but we loaded all our data using phpmyadmin. Once you do one product, it is easy to see the pattern. So doing a bulk upload is the easiest.

- Roger

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