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{VAL_IMG_SRC} to get full image size, not thumb size


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Hey I just started editing this cubecart the other day and it has been utterly and completely overhauled, you wouldn't even recognize it I've done such a job on it. I have just one question and thanks in advance for anyone that can answer this:

in the index.tpl file from the classic skins, the php string

<img src="{VAL_IMG_SRC}" alt="{VAL_PRODUCT_NAME}" border="0" title="{VAL_PRODUCT_NAME}" /></a>

<img src="{VAL_IMG_SRC}" pulls from a thumbs gallery however when I enter {IMG_SRC} which is the identical code in which the full size image is displayed on the following page, nothing shows up at all. I got ambitious and added image size parameters

<img src="{VAL_IMG_SRC}" alt="{VAL_PRODUCT_NAME}" border="0" title="{VAL_PRODUCT_NAME}" height="140" width="255"/></a> The image came up all crap like it was pulling from a tiny image size and resizing it to a giant image where this is the original image size and the way it appeared lead me to assume that this is pulling from an thumb.

Can anyone tell me how I can edit this to make this the proper original image size? this site will not allow me to upload a .tpl file.

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You need to alter the corresponding includes/content/ xxxx.inc.php file to alter the path for the {}

Good call, thanks a million bro it was the index.inc.php file clear as day "images/uploads/thumbs/thumbs_ " spot on thanks

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