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How do I find out what version cube cart I have?

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Guest 856prt

This is going to sound strange, but I don't know what version CubeCart I am running.

When I go to my admin panel (I think that is what it is called - it has navigation, store config, modules, catalog, customers, etc. on the left column), the only thing that shows a version is in the Store Overview window. It says "You are running version 2.1 of our cubecart superstore. Released in May 2009".

Am I running cubecart 2.1?

Thanks, PRT

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Guest 856prt

Thank you both for your assistance! I feel pretty useless!

Was I supposed to go to: cpanel > public_html > includes > ini.inc.php? When this was opened, it said php v 4.1.0 and near the bottom of the page, there was a section under " // version info" that had 'ver' of 3.0.18. Is this what I'm looking for?

Thanks! prt

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No Store Overview tab on the Dashboard? Hmmm...

Do you have in admin, a Maintenance link at the bottom of the left side navigation panel? In Maintenance, Upgrade tab, there will be a clue as to what the codebase should be. The codebase will most likely match the the date of the highest "CubeCart Version". Note, however, this "CubeCart Version" is the related schema version of the database and is not a direct reference to the version of the codebase being executed.

In the file ini.inc.php, there will be a line of code that will indicate the version of this codebase.


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