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I'm having problems.

When people pay via paypal it automatically puts the payment to 'PENDING' even when they have paid!

How can I make it change it to 'PROCESSING' when people have paid. I get people complaining.......

can anyone help? If i'm away it can be a couple of days beofre I can change it to paid it should do this

automatically shoudn't it? As some of my items are downloads and they expect them straight away!

I'm using V4.30


Right i've changed the e-mail address to the primary e-mail address and its now working well sort of!

It is changing the status to completed! That means its not sending out the download link for the digital orders....

how can i get it to go to processing........................

right i think i've sorted it.......

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I have a problem with Payment Pro crashing when the get to the verification screen. It happens on various browsers on PCs and MACs in UK and rest of world. Not good.

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