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Guest jockx


I only have one method of payment on my site which is Paypal. If users haven't got a Paypal Account they can still pay by inputting their Credit Card numbers when they reach the Paypal login screen. However although I have told my users this on my home page and have a link to show them exactly where this is I still get a lot of users emailing me stating that they dont use Paypal and dont want to set up an Account.

So I thought I could change the text in the Payment Page, (where the users selects, Payment Method), some of my users are getting confused because there is only one method listed and thats Paypal. Thought I might change the text on this Page, big, bold etc telling them to select Paypal and from the next screens you can either log into Paypal to Pay or enter your credit card details at their logon page.

So anyone know which file I can edit to change the text on the cubecart payment page, I;d like to change the text below marked in red

Basket --- Checkout --- Payment --- Complete

A payment of £17.99 is due for order number 100331-065434-2985.

Please choose your preferred payment method from those listed below. Please note that your order may not be completed until payment has cleared.


Delivery notes or comments:

Make Payment »

best regards


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