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Help upgrading from CC3 to CC4

Guest stanmoor

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Guest stanmoor


I wouldn't consider myself a 'noob' in the world of cubecart, but i must say, the upgrade instructions from Cubecart 3 to 4 are terribly written, and as a result, i'm having great problems getting cubecart to upgrade.

Here's what i've done

Removed all folders in my public_html, with the exception of images and includes and the files within them. Removed all files except index.php.

I then upload all cubecart 4 files and folders, except 'images' and 'includes'. Is this right? Because I then get an error when I go to the setup page.

The instructions say 'The version 4 files can now be uploaded to the same directory in which the files you have just deleted/moved were located, using your FTP client software. Overwrite any remaining files if prompted. ' - er, well I do get a prompt asking me if i want to overwrite 'includes' and 'images' but obviously, I decline it, seeing as the instructions ask to KEEP those.

What about the new files in the CC4 version of images/includes? Do I have to go through both of those folders and see which ones are 'new' and port those over too the original folders? It's taking up alot of my time as I've had to delete the contents of what i've uploaded about 3 times now, and then reupload to see if it works.

If anyone can give me better instructions, i'd be most greatful. As it stands now I've done this:

1) Deleted everything with the exception of images/includes

2) Uploaded everything from CC4 except for images/includes

3) Tried to see which files are new in images/includes and ported those over (no need to overwrite anything as they didn't exist on the CC3 version)

4) Gone to mystore.com/setup and clicked 'upgrade'.

5) Received error, saying line 23 (i think) of setup/upgrade.php does not exist. I've looked at the line in question and it refers to a 'db' file.


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Guest stanmoor

Yes, I managed it in the end but not 100% sure on what I did.

So you LEAVE the includes and images folder, but then overwrite them? What's the point in leaving them then?!

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